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This article is a departure from our typical hardwood flooring article involving bamboo. But you must take a look at the new realm of bamboo! If you think about it, bamboo production and bamboo products consist of anything from food to hardwood flooring to sunglasses. Yes, even bamboo sunglasses! This article will shed some light of why bamboo is great for production of furniture, fencing, clothing, fabric, ornamental items and so much more.

In the day and age of sustainability and the importance of being environmentally friendly, we al need to take a closer look at bamboo production and all the great items that actually come from bamboo. Until as early as ten years ago, not many people knew that bamboo could be more than a decorative plant. Bamboo is swiftly becoming the “go to” material for quality and eco-friendly consumer items.

Bamboo is considered a hardwood – a weed even. Its hard stalks are hollow but very hard and sturdy. It grows super fast and harvesting it on a regular basis is not harmful because of that. It grows so much faster than your traditional hardwoods such as oak, birch, teak and others. No rainforests to mourn when you are dealing with eco-friendly bamboo.

Mostly considered an Asian plant, bamboo has been used in foods and building materials there for hundreds and hundreds of years. So, why are we just starting to catch on to all the great features of bamboo production and bamboo products? Well, if you live in the Western world you are noticing it more because more people grow it. It is catching on. It is very hearty and lives in many climate zones too! There really isn’t much about bamboo that is bad. The only complaints we have ever come across is that it grows TOO fast. People have to trim it back on a very regular basis in their yards. It is a clean plant that is not messy and does not shed leaves. Did we mention it looks beautiful?

Because bamboo production is so versatile, manufacturers are taking full advantage of this natural resource. Below, you will find a list of some very interesting items fabricated from bamboo. You may have seen some of these bamboo products before not even realizing what they are made of.

-         Bamboo shower curtains. Bamboo is fabricated as a soft material. Bamboo shower curtains have become quite popular with companies such as LivingGreenEveryday.

-         Bamboo baby products, bamboo soap, bamboo clothing for men and women. Get this, not only can bamboo add style to your home – you can wear fashionable, comfortable, and inexpensive clothes made from bamboo. Check out Bamboosa. This is a well-known and highly respected green company we saw selling these great products - Bamboosa even ships free over $100 most all the time.

-         If you really are interested in looking at more bamboo products we also recommend 3R Living. This eco-friendly company has so many very cool products made from bamboo. It is honestly amazing what items there are out there made from bamboo. This online store has a great customer rewards program. If you tweet, follow them - they provide sale info and you'll know what's new. Visit 3R Living today Very cool!

One little thing you’ll want to keep in mind when buying bamboo products and items from bamboo production companies is integrity. Because of this burgeoning new “bamboo trend”, you will see bamboo products sold at all the “big box” stores too. Some of those items aren’t made from 100% bamboo or they may advertise bamboo products, but they are only bamboo “inspired” products patterned in a bamboo style – not made from actual bamboo. Be on the look out. We have provided you with links above to the most reputable green companies that are certified green companies selling top-quality bamboo products. Have fun. Bamboo is more than a decorative plant on your table top. It's more than bamboo hardwood flooring too.